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One of the things I found fascinating about the Walt Disney Concert Hall, was how the shapes and lines of the building resembled different things based on the angle and direction. From some angles you had sweeping lines and curves, from others you are distinct straight lines and harsh edges. From this perspective the building [...]

I could probably spend the rest of the week working on images from the Walt Disney Concert Hall. The sweeping lines, and how it captures the colors of the sky and buildings around it, make for a fascinating subject. In these photos I’m intrigued by the sweeping lines and how they look like the parabolic [...]

We spent yesterday exploring various historic residential areas in Los Angeles in preparation for a fantastic hike Andree is planning. As it grew later in the day I started to get nervous, the sun was setting and I wanted to take advantage of being in LA to head over to the Walt Disney Concert Hall. [...]

Photographic scenes of Fullerton, California with a special focus on the historic architecture and buildings.

One of the fascinating things about New Orleans is the amazing buildings and architecture throughout the city, especially in the French Quarter and Garden District. During our 5 days we walked up and down the streets of New Orleans, miles and miles, in part looking for interesting signs and doorways. They really are amazing, you [...]