Spain and France 2016

The Provençal Lifestyle

May 21, 2016 | morning

Friends from Paris (Sam, Nancy, and Jade) arrived last night and we leisurely make our way over to the largest market in the region, Apt. The plan was to get up early and photograph…but that didn’t happen as we choose to sleep after a few days of being on the go. The Apt market has a completely different feel from Bonnieux. Where the Bonnieux market is small, the Apt market stretches for tens of blocks, winding it’s way through old town Apt. Clothes, soap (lavender, lavender and more lavendar), shoes, hats, food, and more food. The vendors also tend to be a little more aggressive…this market doesn’t really follow the prettiest villages script that I’m ensured is encoded somewhere in the how to market to tourists village guide.

After a crowded walk through the market we decide to start getting in the Provençal lifestyle and create a long leisurely lunch from our recent market purchases (at some point you have to eat all the fantastic looking food you’ve bought). Salad with home made dressing, charcuterie, fromage, tapenade, bread, rotisserie, and refreshingly crisp locally made Rose. And of course it all starts with a Pastis. Where has this Pastis been and why don’t we start our meals in the states like this? I think we are missing out on something here. A touch of Ricard and some water really preps one for the upcoming meal.

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