Spain and France 2016


Reflecting on all too few glorious days

May 23, 2016 | morning

We were a bit fortunate that we hadn’t known just how well we fit in to the Provence/Luberon lifestyle prior to making the rest of our plans as we probably would have ended up spending the entire two weeks here.

It’s not just the scenery, the rolling hills and mountains covered in trees, the rustic farmhouses surrounded by rows of grapevines. It’s not the fact this this is probably the one place you can see French Countryside interior decorating and not gag just a little, or the long lunches with bottles of rose made from produce picked up from the market an hour or two prior, or the fact that this is the one place you can drink rose and not feel like you are drinking rose. It’s not just driving at breakneck speeds down a road built for 1, 1 1/12 cars tops as the terror of the white minibus comes screaming down the road in a perverse game of chicken. Certain places you identify with, where you get a sense that you belong. Rolling hills of Ireland, countryside of Provence…the deserts of the Eastern Sierra (hey, this is my travel diary, not yours).

I think part of our enjoyment area was a luck of the draw. When we were researching where we wanted to stay in the region we had a plethora of options, and I had a list of things I thought we should see (and we did not come close to marking them all off the list). We ended up choosing Goult for a number of reasons, but one of the primary reasons was it seemed to be centrally located and also walking distance from places to eat.

Villages like Roussillon, Bonnieux, Menerbes and Gordes are wonders to behold, it’s easy to see why they rank as one of the prettiest villages in France…but they are also tend to be somewhat touristy. The village of Goult on the other hand doesn’t shy away from tourists, but you get a little more authenticity feel. The boulangerie opens and closes when it feels. The restaurants don’t have huge placards out front. The local store is just that, a local store. It’s hard not to fall in love with a city like that.


Goodbye Luberon, we will miss you.

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