Spain and France 2016

Notre-Dame de la Garde

Our Lady of the Guard

Notre-Dame de la Garde dominates the Marseille skyline, watching over the port city of Marseille. The Catholic basilica is visible from almost all quarters it lives up to the literal translation of the name, “Our Lady of the Guard”.

When we made our way out of the train station it was immediately visible, and when we arrived at Vieux-Port (The Old Port of Marseille) it provided an amazing backdrop to the thousands of boats residing in the harbor.

We decided to make our way up…and up…and up…and up…to the cathedral. After walking up the hill to the base of the cathedral, as we got ready to journey up the hillside stairs I mentioned…you would really think they’d have some sort of train or trolley to make it easier to get up to the cathedral.

After finishing our journey up the stairs we came to the entrance, right near where the trolley dropped off tourists who didn’t want to hike up (and up and up and up) from Vieux-Port to the cathedral.

The base of the church provides 360 degrees of Marseille, from the Mediterranean Sea and entry to the Vieux-Port to Mont Sainte Victoire and the mountain ranges to the north and east. If we had more time it would have been fascinating to watch how the view changed throughout the day as the sun made it’s way across the sky.

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