Spain and France 2016

Morning in Roussillon

One last morning in the luberon

May 23, 2016 | early morning

It’s our last day in the Luberon, bittersweet.

In order to try and make the most of my last morning I ask for volunteers to join me on a drive back to Roussillon. This time I think I’ve figured out TPE and the ochre colored walls of the city should be bathed in warm early sunlight.

I take my solo drive through the early morning countryside and find the city devoid of the truck loads of tourists. Just me, the camera, and some locals out for a morning stroll. Turns out I might have figured out this TPE thing after all and the sun greets the city with warm early morning light.

The plans for a walk through the ochre quarry are thwarted by the fact that it would appear most tourists don’t roll in to around 10 so the quarry is closed. A walk back through the city, this time bathed in morning light and then it’s back to Goult. Our time in this amazing area is coming to a close.

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