Spain and France 2016

A Morning Drive

Technology fail and walking through the poppies

May 22, 2016 | morning

Time to venture out early. I offered to wake everyone else up so they could join me for early morning photography at 6am, oddly enough there were no takers. After doing some research using The Photographer’s Ephemeris the plan was to catch Bonnieux in the early morning light as it lit up the village and surrounding hillside. As I drove towards Bonnieux and watched as the sun rose behind the hills of Bonnieux it become apparent that I had no idea how to use TPE. But this is the Luberon, where there is one prettiest village, there is another, probably on the next hill…and sure enough Lacoste sits on the hill facing Bonnieux. Lacoste is home to the dilapidated chateau of the Marquis de Sade, which overlooks the valley below. After working my way through the city I find a wonderful viewpoint that allows me to photograph the city as the early morning light hits it from the side.

Still trying to find the perfect location to photograph Bonnieux I continue to work my way through the various roads…close, but not quite. Turns out Bonnieux is an evening shot, not a morning shot. I do find a poppy field off the side of the road which creates a striking foreground.



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