Spain and France 2016

Getting Lost

Small backroads and warm light in the Bonnieux countryside


May 20, 2016 | Late Afternoon

One of the nice parts about having a house is having a kitchen, so I head off to Apt for the purpose of collecting some supplies – beer, and my new favorite aperitif…Ricard. I should point out that I never actually had a previous favorite aperitif…or more so an idea of an aperitif in general. As far as customs go…this is a pretty good one.

As its late afternoon what was supposed to be a quick journey turns into a long and winding journey through the Luberon back roads between Apt and Bonnieux. The advantage of the GPS is it’s really hard to get lost…but sometimes you can’t really find what you are looking for unless you get lost (and besides…there all those aforementioned roundabout signs). So, that’s what I do…turn off the GPS and drive.

Warm light, haystacks, farmhouses, and villages on the hill…you start to get a sense of why all the painters made their way down to the Provencal region of France.

So to recap the day

  • Morning market and lunch in Bonnieux
  • Strolling through a Provençal vineyard and winery
  • Late afternoon drive through the backroads of the Luberon/Bonnieux countryside

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