Spain and France 2016

Arriving in Sitges

May 18, 2016

The plan was to document each day of the trip…but after a full day on the plane and finding our way to Sitges at 9pm at night there really wasn’t much to talk about. Flights are flights…we can all shake our head at the story of a crying baby while you are trying to sleep, but in the grand scheme of things that has little actual interest. Oh, we did get to sample some German beer while flying through Dusseldorf…and for the moment my only passport stamp for our journey to France and Spain is from…Germany.

So, the brief recap…spent a full day in Sitges, Spain just south of Barcelona. Tourist resort town on the shores of the Mediterranean. It’s an old town with lots of cobblestones, an old church, buildings and alleyways. It’s off season, so I’m sure the town was quieter than during the high season. A nice way to start the trip with a little downtime.


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