Spain and France 2016

A Day in Aix

May 24, 2016

The nice part about a longer trip is you can take a morning and decide that you can sleep in late and recharge a bit. Today would be one of those days. Breakfast becomes coffee and a walk thru the Cours Mirabeau market to find an early lunch. In prepping for this trip we had researched restaurants and tried to make reservations at Les Vieilles Canailles (The Old Scoundrels) but unfortunately they were closed on Monday and we already had plans for our dinner this evening. They were open for lunch and we decided today would become our food day in Aix and took a small table in small room full of small tables. A fabulous meal of fennel salad, head cheese, carpaccio veal shoulder, spelt risotto with copa, crème brulee and chocolate fudge cake (I refuse to refer to it as molten lava cake…but it was).

As we sat in the restaurant trying not to look too touristy I saw a man wearing a beret carrying a camera and thought…that could be me.

One last drive in Aix (and for the trip in general) as we decide paying for a rental car we aren’t using is a bit pointless. We venture out in search of gas only to find out none of the local stations have gas. French workers are protesting a change in labor laws and one of the impacts has been a severe limit on gas. Makes it pretty hard to find a gas station but we correctly figure we aren’t the only ones and rather than the torture that is driving in Aix we let the car rental place deal with.

Dinner is back in old town Aix at Mitch. We had to finagle our way in with a reservation by having our French connection (Nancy) call and make a reservation. Our attempt to book online was cancelled, in what we can only assume is a conspiracy to make sure ugly Americans don’t get a table.

We arrived expecting a full house, only to discover we can pick any table we want. We then proceed to make sure we come off as ugly Americans as we drop bread, asparagus (which in an attempt to explain to the owner how sad she is she dropped the asparagus came off as can you please pick up this disgusting asparagus immediately so it is no longer in my site…hurry), and silverware (which was picked up by a passing local who then made a show of going in to the restaurant to retrieve clean silverware for us). We finish our meal by then dropping a piece of Salmon…which we calmly grind in to the cobblestone so we don’t mistakenly ask them them to go catch us another Salmon, gut it, and then deliver it fully cooked within the next 5 minutes.

Yes, for those of you Americans hoping to get a table at Mitch in the future…good luck…(and ps. For half the price go eat at Les Vieilles Canailles and thank us later).

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