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A study/test of how a single image can be worked to create different moods, or maybe a better way to describe it is better reflect what I, as the photographer, felt as I was in the field, taking the picture. The picture is from the Lake District just south of the White Mountains in New [...]

During a recent visit to Sonoma County we were able to find a few free hours to travel along the Russian River through wine country…not to visit the wineries but rather make a quick stop at Armstrong Redwoods State Park in Guerneville, CA. We only had 45 or so minutes to visit, but what a [...]

Various scenes from one of the most beautiful cities in the world. San Francisco – Images by Sean Scanlon

Friday, June 1st, I will be debuting new images from Chile & Patagonia at Unity Salon in Downtown Fullerton as part of the June Art Walk. Images displayed include a sunset profile of the hillsides of Valparaiso, a UNESCO world heritage city that lies along the Pacific Ocean. There are numerous photos from Torres del [...]

We Made a quick trip to the Salton Sea today. A wonderful take of things gone wrong. I love how they felt it was necessary to add a sign saying Salton Beach over the bigger sign saying Salton Beach.

A lone fishing boat waits anchored on the misty waters near Puerto Natales in Patagonia, Chile.

During one of our days in Puerto Natales in Chilean Patagonia we woke up early and drove/walked around the shoreline. A heavy fog shrouded most of the waters creating an amazing copper/bronze hue as the sun rose. We explored a large part of this area, fishing boats tied up in the waters with run down [...]

…tap…tap…is this thing on? Almost took me a second to remember how to update the blog! Having a real job tends to get in the way at times. Here are some photos from our journey down to Patagonia and Chile that I’m just getting around to sharing. If you have a moment, take a look [...]

Yosemite Wilderness as seen from Washburn Point along Glacier Point Road in Yosemite National Park. Early morning storm clouds created some fantastic shadows. HDR compilation and then converted to black and white. Still trying to get thumbnails to work, so consider this another test!

Running some additional tests, sorry about some of the odd posts lately. Here is Washburn Point, in Yosemite National Park, during the morning as some storm clouds run through. Vernal and Nevada Falls are visible, as well as Halfdome and Liberty Cap.

Half Dome as seen from Washburn Point along Glacier Point Road. Morning storm clouds stretch for miles and miles over Yosemite National Park.

This might be one of my favorite images, definitely in the top 10. As I tooled around Glacier Point, in Yosemite National Park, I waited a good 30+ minutes for the clouds to cooperate. For most of the time Half Dome was completely obscured, but the cloud formation kept changing and I kept waiting for [...]

…and this is how it turned out Standing on top of Sentinel Dome we were witness to an amazing rush of clouds through the Yosemite Valley floor. The clouds would swarm through the valley floor, creating some incredible foreground along the face of El Capitan. As the clouds reached Halfdome they would stack up against the face [...]

Standing on top of Sentinel Dome we were witness to an amazing rush of clouds through the Yosemite Valley floor. The clouds would swarm through the valley floor, creating some incredible foreground along the face of El Capitan. As the clouds reached Halfdome they would stack up against the face of Halfdome as if they [...]

We had the pleasure of spending some time in Yosemite recently. The primary purpose of the trip was to hike to the top of Half Dome. From the Valley Floor it is 17.33 miles (according to the GPS) and 5000 feet of elevation gain as you loop through the John Muir Trail by Vernal Falls [...]

Wow, what a great closeup of the bear Sean…what is she doing? Well, let me tell you a little story of why I, forever more, will be a huge fan of Lowepro bags. Last week I was shooting up on Washburn Point overlooking Half Dome the Mist Trail at sunrise. Boring morning, spent most of the [...]

I love fall, the crisp chilly morning air as the days grow shorter and cooler. The vibrant colors of trees as they come alive…somewhat ironic when you consider they are shedding their leaves for the upcoming cold winter. One last glorious burst until the cycle starts again next spring. For the last few years we’ve [...]

We hiked through the Eastern Sierras so you didn’t have to. What an amazing and spectacular place.

As summer comes to a close we’ve been lucky enough to make a few quick road trips (which means I have a big backlog of photos to go through!). We recently took Sierra on her first ever trip to her namesake, the Sierra Nevada Mountains, in this case specifically up CA 395 to Lake Sabrina [...]

Another great turnout at the August Fullerton Art Walk. Thanks to all of you who stopped by to show your support (and a special thanks to those of you who purchased some of my work!). We will have to hit the pavement and find a new location for the upcoming art walks, but Unity Salon [...]

One of my favorite parts about New Orleans is the weathered wrought iron you find all over the city. In front of buildings, along courtyards, in the cemeteries…beautiful, distressed, aging wrought iron. During our trip to the crescent city we spent a lot of time walking through various neighborhoods, I’d walk by a building, wrought iron [...]

So, maybe I’m a little behind, we did get back close to two months ago…but here are some photos from our trip with Ace, Michael, and Genghis, backpacking through Southern Utah. Photos were shot with a Canon G9, still not entirely used to using my small handheld to take large landscape photos…in the middle of [...]

Been interesting using Photomatix Pro on some of the photos from our trip to Zion National Park. The image above is an HDR compilation of three photos (regular exposure, +2 exposure, -2 exposure). I then converted the image to black and white using Silver Efex Pro.