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random musings

Some quick iphone snaps (via Hipstamatic) of the Trombone Shorty show last night at the world famous Key Club in Hollywood. I’m not sure how it’s world famous, seeing as I’ve never heard of it before, but I’ve been to worse venues. The show itself was fantastic, 2 hours of non-stop energy, and Troy Andrews is [...]

It’s been a whirlwind month, between our travels through Southern Utah and then returning just in time to finish packing and then move across town…not to mention being without internet (or tv!) for the first week in our new place. Yes, boxes still litter the landscape (especially seeing as Sierra had a grand old time [...]

I’ve been thinking a lot about New Orleans lately. In part because we recently visited the city, but also due to the premier of Treme on HBO last weekend. Treme focuses on the city of New Orleans post Katrina and is produced/directed by the same crew responsible for The Wire, one of the best shows [...]

I was following up on some photography news this morning and came across some random tidbits that made me think back to Death Valley. Andre Gunther recaps his first foray with his new car top tent. I’m still not quite sure how that thing stays up there. Is that really easier than just pitching a [...]

I’ve taken the blog on the road! Well, not really, but I did a guest article on the fantastic website, California Photoscout. Andre Gunther, a fabulous photographer in the Northern California area runs the photoscout website, a must visit resource for photographers living in, or visiting, California. A lot of roadtrips I’ve taken in the [...]

A shot from a few weeks ago, the Huntington Beach Pier after one of the big January storms cleared. 6 foot waves were crashing in to the pier, but I was experimenting with a neutral density filter and shot a 30 second exposure, creating the blurred ocean effect. Creates a completely different atmosphere for this [...]

The photo above, Reflections of Huntington Beach Pier at Sunset, will be available as part of a silent auction at the Bob White Invitational on Saturday, March 13th benefiting the Royal Family Kids Camp. A signed 16×20 metallic print, with black frame and off-white matte (total wall size 20×28). Normally I would sell this combination [...]

Ok, I didn’t actually go anywhere. Between the Olympics, having a cold, and just general laziness…I haven’t been all that diligent about the updates. And I definitely haven’t been in the mode of working on a new set of photos, though I did find a number of shots from a trip to Yosemite in 2007 [...]

Death Valley National Park – Mesquite Dunes (converted to black and white using Silver Efex Pro) The rains have returned and today is a slow Friday as everyone else heads in to the weekend (still enjoying that 365 day vacation!). After consultation with the doctor…yep…I pierced my own ear drum with a q-tip. How might [...]

I have a feeling this shot is going to find it’s way in to black and white, that was the original vision I had when taking the photo. But when I first looked at the photo I realized the 8 second exposure (using a Singh-Ray Neutral Density Filter) created a nice blend of soft muted [...]

Wow, it definitely has been a dreary few days here in Southern California, anyone starting to go stir crazy yet? So it would appear that dream job #2 is not going to happen at this time. Disappointing, but at the same time it was always a long shot. The photo above is from Mulholland Drive [...]

Today is an “odd” photography day. While in the midst of some of the best photography shoots I’ve had over the last couple of weeks, including making a jump back in to film and thoroughly enjoying that experience…I suddenly feel like I’m in a photography rut. Maybe it’s the process of editing 100 some odd [...]

Part 2 of my favorite photos of 2009 starts with the world famous Santa Monica Pier back in February. A winter storm had just cleared and the amusement park lights were in full effect. A long exposure created a sense of movement along the pier and softened the reflections in the water. During one of [...]

As 2009 rolls around I guess I can take the plunge and add to the plethora of year in review articles/posts/blogs…etc…etc…so without further ado, my 2009 Picture Year in Review It’s been a remarkable, and very different, 2009. Having thoroughly enjoyed the time off it’s hard to imagine joining the real world workforce come 2010, [...]

Surfers wait for a set to roll in as “god rays” break through the storm clouds over Catalina. Part of my recent Huntington Beach Series (more information on the series can be found here). In other news, Andree and I have adopted a puppy…Sierra! She’s a beautiful little lab/shepard mix, 10 weeks old and we [...]

Silver Efex Pro converted black and white image. The abandoned Fox Theater in downtown Fullerton on the corner of Harbor and Chapman. Canon 5d This weekend I took the “new” Mamiya C220 out for a spin. Shooting full manual with film was an interesting experience. No longer was I provided with instant feedback on the [...]

Happy Thanksgiving Eve to all. The photo above is from a trip to Bishop last year during October and was taken from jean blanc road facing west towards the Eastern Sierra Mountains. One of my first attemps at using Nik Software’s Silver Efex Pro. My new Mamiya C220 arrived in the mail today! Of course [...]

San Juan mountains and some old pylons contrast with the copper colored setting sun over the Salton Sea. This and other images from my journeys to the Salton Sea can be found in the Salton Sea Gallery. A nice quiet Sunday morning. Spike, fresh from the panic of seeing the vacuum in the corner snores [...]

One of the cool things about “starting the blog from scratch” is that I can re-use a lot of old photos without worrying about duplication! This photo is from a roadside store outside of Agra, in India and is included in my India at 30km/h photo essay. Shot from a window in a moving car, [...]